Trash tier girl Hazuki attempts to reach her dreams of becoming a doctor, but accidentally joins a band of thugs. Can she fight and survive this new life of chaos? Learn to overcome your fears of exploding everyday and be a healer on the offensive in this cute and funny tactical RPG!
This game is currently under development.
Gaming Deets
Ever wanted to dream big and live a peaceful life? Too bad there's always going to be crazy things crashing into your life. And this too applies to the fate of our cute protagonist, Hazuki. Always needing to halt her dreams of becoming a doctor, Hazuki decides to work at a fast food joint to raise funds and continue her studies in the medical field. But the detours keep adding on, as she ends up joining a crazy group of thugs to fight for them. Will she adapt to this new explosive lifestyle? Or will she find a way back to her dreams?
• Play a cute anime girl named Hazuki who has no experience in fighting at all
• Experience a non-accurate depiction of being someone with a developing physical disability so you die in one hit for a chunk of the game (you can do this!! I believe in you!!)
• Bonk your golf club to the rhythm of the music for extra damage with a freshly cooked original soundtrack
• Become friends with a super buff THUG so you learn how to become stronger yourself!!
Development History
I love Hazuki
• There is a dev commentary video that goes over some aspects of development after the demo was done, which you can watch here
• Hazuki
• Hakki
"Cute game" - ChairGTables, 2006
Please help me not die