Dr. Wily is up to something again but this timed kidnapped Roll. Now Roll is brainwashed to be part of his revived evil robot army. Megaman must stop him but that means that he has to fight his beloved sister, Roll. Will Roll ever be cured while fighting her family?
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Dr. Wily strikes again, kidnapping Roll and turning her into a pawn in his evil robot army. Megaman faces a heart-wrenching battle against his brainwashed sister across 8 familiar stages. What will you do playing as Roll? Play through eight familiar stages and uncover Roll's fate.
• Roll is cute
• You can shoot lemons
• Cute MIDIs
Development History
ChairGTables is a Roll main in the Marvel Vs Capcom series. Chair wanted to do something to show his dedication for this character. As development went on, Chair felt like this game was too repetitive in stages. There's nothing really new to see but a dumbed down version of the old Megaman stages. Perhaps gaining powers from bosses was a feature she should have placed to make the game more exciting but the game was stopped by the time she was making Rush's stage.
• Most of the stage selection was done based on Chair's preferences on what stage songs he liked
• My man really is a Roll main!?
• Chair had troubles making the collision points for the platforms because she was making the game with a resolution bigger and wider than the NES resolution. The tilesets were resized but the characters were the same size. This means that the stages are bigger than what they originally were.
"Honestly, I don't mind that I cancelled this game. There was someone who actually made a great Megaman game in which you play as Roll. The game is called Rockmen R. Aside from that, people made ROM hacks of the classic megaman games where you play as Roll instead. Heck, even Capcom made Megaman Powered Up where you can play as Roll. Even if I did finish this game, I didn't really bring anything new to the table. All I just wanted was to show how much I appreciate this character." - ChairGTables, 2016
My man's a Roll main!?