Fly high in the sky in this rail shooter and defeat the evil Skull King and his sentient food army. Show your brother what true royalty is all about!
This game contains sprites from other games such as Super Aleste. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension
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Super Big Bro Quest

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This young squire named Louie is serving a foolish king causing danger to their own country. To become the coolest bro to his little bro, Louie decides to become the king of the skies himself! Destroy the Skull King and his elite soldiers to become the righteous ruler in this 3D bullet hell infinite runner.
• Hop in VR and experience what it is like to be in a bullet hell game
• Fly faster and faster after each stage
• Fight cool food
Development History
This is ChairGTables's final project for CS 491 Virtual Reality in UNR, where students must either write a research paper about virtual reality or develop a game that functions with virtual reality. Chair, already developing another bullet hell game for another class, uses this opporunity to see how bullet hell looks like in the perspective of the protagonist. Chair is responsible for creating the main gameplay elements and bosses, due to Chair's interest in bullet hell. DeNoce implemented all virtual reality functionality due to him having the most interest in virtual reality. Youpimate created the mountain models. Crimnix created the enemies. In the end, the game received a good grade.
• The protagonist, Louie, had no design. He doesn't even have a 3D model.
• Louie is supposed to have magical powers and utilizes a spear, but uses guns due to the rush of finishing this game.
• Louie is OP in VR because he can shoot with both hands. The main gameplay was programmed independently of the VR functionality, which can only shoot with the mouse.
"I was hoping more for this game, but it worked. Making 3D bullet hell patterns feel so weird." - ChairGTables, 2006
*speaks in German*