The Colorblind Delinquent Girl of Cheese Steaks
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November 16
162 cm
Thick as a cheesesteak!
Tito (adoptive uncle)
Chizuma (brother)
Playing Guitar
Unaesthetic Things
Super Ledgehop (Playable)
Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends (NPC)
Imouto RPG 2 (Boss)
Hazuki Dies (TBD)
Puyo VS Mod (Cameo)
Rivals of Aether Mod (Cameo)
Yuuto Ichika Gets DMCAd (Boss)
Rush Legends (Playable)
Main Bio
“I will cheese you up!”

Chizuru is the delinquent hero of Super Ledgehop: Double Laser who really loves cheese steaks. As a child orphan, Chizuru lived her days at school as a bully due to her parents abandoning her. She was later adopted by Senator Tito.


Chizuru regularly wears a violet hat and jacket. Underneath her jacket is a white V-neck shirt. She also wears a red plaid skirt with leggings underneath, along with brown boots. She is often seen with a pair of red headphones that harbors the ghost emblem, a symbol shared among her closest friends. Chizuru uses a BB gun modeled after a Desert Eagle. After the events of Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends, she starts regularly wearing the red scarf that Yuuto gave her.


Chizuru is a loud, troublemaking girl who loves eating cheese steaks. She is also very sarcastic, finding enjoyment out of speaking nonsense. Despite this, she has shown to be a very caring person to her friends. Most of her motivations are driven by the desire to eat food with people she cares about. She sometimes focus too much on her own personal goals that she forgets larger issues at hand. In the past, Chizuru bullies students in her school, as she was not shown proper love and care from her family. However, after she was under Tito’s care, she started realizing the importance of treating others well. This made it easy for Chizuru to befriend anyone she fights in battle. But even with the care of her newfound family and friends, this did not stop her desire to find her way back to her true family. Chizuru is accepting of her status as a criminal while maintaining the desire to do good for her community. But she still loves causing trouble.


Bullet absorption – Through the Shine Bracelet, Chizuru is able to absorb projectiles and use it as her own ammo.

Bullet reflection – Her shine bracelet can also reflect bullets back towards enemies

Gun Mastery – Chizuru was taught how to handle BB guns at an early age by her uncle Tito. She heavily prefers using a BB gun over real firearms to help maintain her quick movement and aiming. Paired with the ability to use her opponents’ bullets, she’s a fearsome gunslinger.

Quick Speed – Isuzu passed down the ability to Wave Dash to Chizuru, increasing her overall speed as it became part of her daily life. Chizuru can move around faster than most ordinary humans.


Tito raises her as like a daughter, but Chizuru just views him as an annoying uncle. Growing up with Tito, Chizuru retains her delinquent personality but inherited the warm friendliness from Tito. With this, Chizuru was able to form a genuine friendship between three other girls: Isuzu, Mashiro, and Hazuki. However, her connections fell apart after Tito was impeached, where she does her best finding ways to get money in sketchy ways so that her and her uncle can continue living. Despite her uncle being very supportive, this doesn’t stop her from seeking out who her true family is.

​She later finds out that that her true brother, Chizuma, is the new senator. She sets out on an adventure to eat cheese steaks with him, which triggers the events of Super Ledgehop: Double Laser.


Hazuki is one of Chizuru’s first friends, making her one of the most important people in her life. However, they weren’t close at first. During their childhood, Chizuru often targeted her for her bullying antics. At some point, Chizuru felt remorseful for her actions. After Hazuki forgives her, the two become best friends. As the two grew older, their interests and goals pulled the two physically apart. Despite not seeing each other for years, the two still view each other as very close friends.

Chizuru initially met Yuuto in battle due to a misunderstanding made worse through Chizuru’s sarcasm. Chizuru is Yuuto’s first friend in this realm, which resulted in them quickly forming a close bond. Despite the short time they knew each other, Yuuto made efforts to find Chizuru after Chizuru was branded a criminal. She made her a scarf, which Chizuru treasures dearly.

The two met during childhood and played together often.

The two met during childhood and played together often.

When Tito found out that her brother abandoned his daughter, Tito decided to raise Chizuru on his own. He loves her unconditionally, and finds it difficult to let her go when she went to go look for her biological family. He’s very attached to her to the point of preferring to call her as his own daughter. He’s willing risk his life for her own happiness. Chizuru also loves her uncle, but finds him weird.

Crossette initially viewed Chizuru as an enemy because Crossette wanted to protect her sister Kamuro. However, Chizuru was the one who broke Crossette out of her default curse, giving her a new name and a new look. Because of this, Crossette started viewing Chizuru with utmost respect, willing to help her when she needs it.


At the end of high school, ChairGTables was sad to know that the Secksmen fighting game crew would separate, as they would all move to different places and continue on with their lives. Chair is extremely grateful for all the times they had together, so they made a few promises. One promise was to meet at Evo one day. The other is that Chair would create a videogame with characters loosely based off each person, where each character is an exaggeration of a key point of each person’s personality. After stumbling across a particular image, it was brought up all four Secksmen characters have personalities comparable to the Sixth Destroyer Division in Kantai Collection. Part of Chizuru’s design was inspired by Akatsuki, while Chizuru’s goofy nature and obsession for cheesesteaks was inspired by PulanSpeaks, a member of the fighting game crew. Her name was Chizuru happened, because PulanSpeaks often says CHEESE IT UP during high school, so they wanted to have a name that sounded like cheese. Since CHIZ sounded like cheese, the character’s name became Chizuru. She was designed by PulanSpeaks, but he does not even remember who she is or when he designed her. Chizuru’s initial design had the ojou-sama feeling, due to PulanSpeaks interests in fashion, but she was later redesigned to have a more delinquent feeling. The headphones became part of the design after Super Ledgehop was decided to have a rhythm mechanic. Chizuru has the messiest hair out of the four since PulanSpeak’s hair was messier than everyone else’s.

by: UnknownAnima
by: PluckyStar
by: Chake

• Though Chizuru is properly owned by ChairGTables, Chair does not like Chizuru and she is more loved by the rest of the staff. As Super Ledgehop’s development progressed, Chair ended up loving Chizuru
• Chizuru was announced to have a guest appearance at a platform fighter called Indie Rumble, but the game was cancelled
• Chizuru has an avatar you can use in VRChat, which you can use for yourself at the Super Ledgehop world. You can also use the VRoid 3D model yourself for any projects you want to make.
• ChairGTables cosplayed as Chizuru a number of times when Super Ledgehop had tables for conventions.
• Chizuru has more than five Twitch emotes, most of which are only accessible through Frankerfacez.

Liz's Patrol
So why do you like committing crimes?
Oh, heck no! I'm outta here!
W-Wait! Stop! I'm off duty!
Oh, okay! I don't like doing crimes though!
Then explain stealing cheesesteak from the trash!
It's not stealing if they don't want it anymore. It's mine now. And yours too! Wanna eat it together?
I already told you that cheesesteaks are trash. Do you even do anything but eat cheesesteaks?
I like shooting people.
That's a crime too! Why would you do that?
To make people shut up and eat some cheese with me. I can shoot you too so we can sit down and be buddies.
Alright, I'm clocking in right now to arrest you.
What the heck!? You're such a cheesehead! I'm outta here!
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