Unlicensed Doctor with Broken Wings
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Japanese Mexican
172 cm
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“Time to get 0-2d...”

Hazuki is the kind, softspoken protagonist of Hazuki Dies: She Has No Name, which is a reboot of My Wings Can’t Fly. She spent most of her childhood merrily with her best friends Isuzu, Mashiro, and Chizuru, until the day she faced severe financial issues. She is very shy and easily gets frightened over everything.


Hazuki has long orange hair with a hair clip that sports a ghost emblem, a symbol commonly seen among her close friends. She wears a red skirt and jacket with a white hood. Underneath her jacket is a white, long sleeve shirt. She also wears black lace up heels. During battle, she uses a golf club as her magic staff.


Hazuki is a gentle girl who has low self confidence. She has tries her hardest, but she gets easily shaken up due to her general shyness and being physically weak. Her goals of becoming a doctor are rooted with her strong desire to protect her friends, knowing that this is something she can at least be useful in. Despite her being afraid of taking risks, she wants to be strong enough one day to make her ambitions come true.


Magic Potential – Hazuki is able to cast supportive magic.

Flight – Hazuki can hover in the air slightly through an air dashing spell

Quick Speed – Hazuki learned to Wave Dash from Isuzu, making her able to move quicker than average.


Hazuki dreams to become a doctor, but her financial status hinders her progress with her education. She dedicates all of her free time working long hours in fast food restaurants to help pay for her tuition, eventually cutting ties to all of her social connections. Sometime in her college studies, she no longer has enough money to pay her tuition in addition to all of her rent. To continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a doctor, she decides to perform an illegal alternative: learning healing magic. Throughout her journey to learn healing magic, she has a difficult time due to her disease of having weak muscle tissues, meaning that her life is always in danger.


At first, Hazuki was very frightened of Chizuru, as Chizuru constantly bullied her at school. However, the two eventually made up and became best friends. They don’t often see each other much anymore due to their current different directions in life, but Hazuki still deeply cares about Chizuru.

Initially, the two were enemies. But after they fought each other, Quibble sensed something special about Hazuki.

The two met during childhood and played together often.

The two met during childhood and played together often.

Tanako is Hazuki’s boss at Tanako’s Tacos. Hazuki fears Tanako.


As ChairGTables bid farewell to the Secksmen fighting game crew after high school, a mix of nostalgia and gratitude filled the air. Vowing to meet again at Evo and fueled by cherished memories, Chair promised them that he would make a game featuring characters embodying an exaggerated version of their traits. One day, a particular artwork was encountered, which led to the realization that the Secksmen characters shared similarities with the personalities of the Sixth Destroyer Division in Kantai Collection. Hazuki’s design was partially inspired by Inazuma, while her shy nature and financial issues was inspired by Soul_POI, a member of the Secksmen. She received the name Hazuki out of the phrase HAZUKASHII which is Japanese for expressing that you’re shy. Hazuki went through multiple design changes. Her initial design features her with a halberd, along with clothing more suited for battle. Her next redesign features her with a blue blouse and a black skirt, complete with a magic wand and overall magical girl aesthetic. The redesign after that resembles more of what her design currently is, but with a scarf rather than a hood, and a blue variant for her clothes. When it was noted that she resembled Arle from Puyo Puyo with the blue variant, it was decided that she should be red instead. The scarf was later changed to a hood after errors on how she was drawn, and it was permanently kept ever since for future artwork.

by: UnknownAnima
by: DannyRG

• Hazuki received her voice actress simply from someone streaming Super Ledgehop, which the streamer said that she wanted to try voicing.
• Hazuki has a PNGTuber model you can freely use for anything.
• Hazuki has an avatar you can use in VRChat, which you can use for yourself. You can also use the VRoid 3D model yourself for any projects you want to make.
• A Hazuki cosplayer won a contest at a convention.
• A cardboard cutout of Hazuki sometimes acts as the vendor behind the table at conventions.
• Hazuki has more than five Twitch emotes, most of which are only accessible through Frankerfacez

Liz's Patrol
Aren't you a bit too sweet to be hanging out with thugs?
W-What do you mean?
Don't think I haven't seen you hanging out with Chizuru and the Mad Meats gang. They're all suspicious!
B-But they're my friends...
Don't be fooled! People nowadays make it seem like being a stinkin' criminal is cool. But this is all just peer pressure!
Waaaaahhh! I don't want to become a stinky criminal!
That's great! I mean, there's so much better things to do, like... well whatever it is you wanna become. What is it?
A doctor.
Yeah! You can become a doctor. You don't need these fools to become one!
But they protect me... care about me... and actually eat tacos with me. I can't go to battle without them.
They send doctors to battle? Forget eating tacos with them! Let's get tacos and put curry in them!
S-Sorry. Please don't be mad, but that sounds kinda gross...
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