Arcade Witch
160 cm
"Money match me first"
Fighting games
High level magic
Main Bio
“I don't wanna fight! Can't we just play fighting games?”

Isuzu is the hyperactive owner of the arcade in Shinecoast City. She’s a witch who formed a close bond together between Mashiro, Chizuru, and Hazuki. She has yet to make a formal appearance in a game, but it is established that she is a very important character in the games.


Isuzu has short, purple hair, as well as purple eyes. She is nearsighted, requiring her to glasses in her daily life. She wears a purple hoodie, and a pink shirt with a ghost emblem, which is a symbol shared among her most important friends. She wears black shoes and knee socks. Isuzu owns multiple arcade fightsticks, but she often carries a purple fightstick, with purple buttons and a pink balltop joystick.


Isuzu is a girl with unlimited energy, yet is lazy when it comes to responsibilities. Despite being a very powerful witch, she refuses to use her magic in its intended way, opting to only use it to keep her arcade running, and keeping her living costs low. For things she is passionate about, such as fighting games and friendships, she puts in an extraordinary amount of effort to make her goals come true, even if she is told that it is impossible. This comes at the cost of her being a dimwit about every other aspect in her life, causing her to be clumsy and clueless about the simpler aspects in life. Despite her extraneous efforts to become good at games, she is only able to become a mid-level player at fighting games, as her talent potential lies in magic, which she does not care so much about. As long as she can have fun with friends, she is very happy. The thought that her friends may forget about her after her disappearance terrifies her.


Unlimited Magic Potential – Isuzu can learn any spell, despite not wanting to

Engineering Knowledge – Isuzu has the knowledge to maintain an arcade well, but she can repair other machines well too

Quick Speed – Isuzu can Wave Dash, which is a movement skill she passed on to her friends


Isuzu is potentially one of the strongest magic users in the whole world, coming from a family who researched magic for generations. In her younger years, she would often get away from her hometown, and visit Shinecoast City, where magic is banned and she can enjoy her life as an ordinary girl who loves games. One day, she meets Mashiro, Hazuki, and Chizuru, and shows them the joys of videogames. Through this, they become very close and Isuzu knew in her heart that bringing people close together through games is what she truly wants in life. She transfers to their school so that she can see them on a daily basis. They formed a team together, and competed in fighting games tournaments frequently. Despite being among the worst players, they were all happy together. However, Isuzu mysteriously disappeared for years. Time has passed, and Isuzu returns to Shinecoast City as a resident, starting her own arcade, hoping that she will find her friends again one day. Unfortunately, her friends no longer play games as much anymore in their grown up life, making Isuzu wait longer for their fated meeting to happen.


Isuzu is best friends with Mashiro. She was the person who broke through Mashiro's cold personality, and showed her that having fun in life is just as important as all the things that her family expects her to accomplish in life. Through their bond, Mashiro was able to communicate better with others, despite her emotionless front still being apparent in front of other people. Isuzu loves to frequently hug Mashiro, which always causes Mashiro to freak out.

Chizuru's loud energy easily matched with Isuzu's personality, making them bond naturally. Isuzu met Chizuru during her delinquent phase, but thanks to their constant battle in games, Chizuru was able to mitigate her tendencies of bullying others, by trying to beat Isuzu in fighting games. Over time, Chizuru is grateful for Isuzu, as she was able to realize that protecting her friends was what she should be fighting for instead.

Despite Isuzu being younger, Hazuki treats Isuzu with great respect. Hazuki often gave up on everything easily and struggled with feeling useless to everyone, but when Hazuki found out one day that she wanted to become a doctor, Isuzu kept encouraging her and gave advice on how to one day make that come true. Hazuki carried this motivation for the rest of her life, pushing herself no matter what so that she can make this dream come true.


During high school, ChairGTables formed a very close bond with three other students in his school, and competed in fighting games with them very frequently. But as the days pass, they all have to graduate school one day, and go on their own walks in life. Chair then decided that he would make a game with characters loosely based off of them, so that their memories and dreams can be preserved forever, thus they decided to design their characters. They soon encountered a particular artwork, which made them laugh as each of the Kantai Collection characters has traits that each closely resembled a member of their fighting game team. Thus, their characters are designed in a way that's loosely based off of them. Isuzu was based off Ikazuchi, but the similarities are much further compared to how the other character designs are easily more apparent with their Kantai Collection counterpart. Isuzu is a special case, as her initial design existed from a character that already existed before in a cancelled game called Symphony of the Hacker. This character ended up being separated into two different characters. One was Isuzu, who inherited the general design of the character from Symphony of the Hacker, while Ikazuchi appeal was transferred more to ChairGTables's personal OC.


• Isuzu was given a purple hoodie because Chair really wanted a Twitch hoodie. Chair never got partnered by Twitch in the end, yet is still happy
• Isuzu has a PNGTuber model you can freely use for anything.
• Isuzu has Twitch emotes, most of which are only accessible through Frankerfacez

Liz's Patrol
Hey, aren't you supposed to be the nutjob who owns that arcade?
Yeah, I am. Why? What's up?
Uwaaaaaaahhh! W-What do you mean? I have nothing due!
Ma'am, I've been told that we don't have a single record of you paying your bills.
Oh, that's because I don't have service with them. I run my own electricity through magi... uhh... man made perpetual machines through soda!
LIES! That's impossible. Where can you even get something like that?
Uhh, I bought it online. Shouldn't you be bothering the thugs killing each other outside my arcade anyway?
You're right! Ma'am, that's exactly what I was thinking about. My boss told me to nag you, even though I told him there's bigger problems outside!
Come on! You're way cooler than your boss. Is nagging people really your job, or protecting the city? Are you making your dreams come true this way?
Y-You're right! There's nothing stopping me! I'll make my dreams come true!
I believe in you! Go get 'em!
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