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Star Azure Fantasy
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Yuuto Ichika
December 30
12 (SLDL), 15 (Current)
"No lewding"
Mother (Missing)
Her insecurity
Main Bio
“I'm not a bootleg!”

Yuuto is a young magic student from another world. Frail and weak, she seeks to become stronger by befriending those stronger than her and inheriting their skills. She made her commercial debut on Steam with the game Super Ledgehop: Double Laser.


Yuuto Ichika wears a mob cap with a crescent moon accessory. She has long blue hair. White stars are present all over her hat and shirt. A star is hanging from her collar. She wears a short darker blue sleeved shirt underneath and her top is secured by a white waist sash. Her dark blue skirt contains star and moon patterns. She wears white socks that goes up to her ankles, and her shoes contain moon emblems.


Due to Yuuto’s situation of being a magician, but not being able to use magic until past the usual age for magicians, Yuuto has a habit of constantly trying to prove herself. Though she knows that she is lacking the skills expected of a magician, she often pushes herself to go beyond her current abilities. Her belief that she isn’t strong would sometimes lead her to panic, making her prone to misunderstandings. Despite this, Yuuto grows to become a more kind and understanding person, who cherishes her friends deeply. Most of the opponents she fights end up becoming her friends, and she learns their abilities in turn. Yuuto will go great lengths for many things, whether it’s for a friend in need, or to learn a new, interesting spell. On her spare time, Yuuto makes snacks for her friends and plays with rocks.


Copying Abilities – Yuuto is able to observe people and imitate their abilities into her own spells

Floating – Yuuto can float on the air

Telekinesis – Yuuto can move around objects without touching them. She always floats a rock around her at all times. She can also use objects to transform them into her spells

Dimension Travelling – Yuuto can travel across different dimensions


Her earliest origins in canon begin with the storybook shorts in the speedrun marathon Yuuto Ichika Saves Lives, where she was the lowest performing magician in her school. Unsatisfied with herself being berated by her classmate Jujo frequently, she asks her mother for help. Though her mother helped realized Yuuto’s magic potential, Yuuto was still too weak. This led to Yuuto fleeing her home to focus on training. After being missing, Yuuto attends a magic contest in her school, which she won by maximizing the utility of the only spell she knows, Telekinesis. However, victory was cut short. The enraged Jujo burns down the venue, as she was not able to win the prize money she needed to pay the hostage fees to free her sisters from a mysterious figure. After Yuuto and her mother discovers the issue, they fight against the mysterious figure and save Jujo’s sisters. Unfortunately, Yuuto’s mother was nowhere to be found after the battle. This is where Yuuto’s journey to find her mother begins.

In Yuuto’s One Time Wonder, Yuuto sets off to learn new spells to prepare with her search for her mother. However, she struggles with fighting others, as she cannot use magic to create bullets. Fortunately, with her telekinesis abilities, she’s able to perform spells by using an object’s matter. At the end of her journey, she finds out that she’s a bootleg of a much stronger magician. She was taught how to cast spells properly without using an object’s matter, but her powers are still weak. One day, she finds herself in a cave, which transported her into another world.

Knowing that she’s a bootleg, she becomes very insecure of what people will think about her. After fighting Chizuru in Super Ledgehop, she finds out that despite the lack in her magic powers, the way she uses them in her own style is what makes her unique.

Being encouraged by this, she fights more with confidence once she met Chizuru again. The two fight together to escape government forces trying to arrest them, as Chizuru was framed to be the senator’s kidnapper. After Chizuru gets cornered by the police for murdering the governor, Yuuto steps in to protect her. Chizuru’s uncle Tito tried to explain the governor’s malicious plan to the cops, but they would not believe him. He then buys Chizuru and Yuuto time to escape by getting himself arrested by the cops.

Months after Chizuru disappears, Yuuto continues to live her life in Shinecoast City while learning new spells. In Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends, she learns the ability to travel to other worlds. With this, she can travel back home to her world. But before she returns home, she wants to say goodbye to her dear friends. As she tries to find her friend Chizuru, she befriends people in town by fusing objects with delicious cookies. By helping people in town as part of the community service assigned to her by Liz, she was able to get a lead on where Chizuru went. However, their encounter was bittersweet, as Chizuru prioritizes the safety of her friend Yuuto. The two hug and say their farewells again, as Chizuru knows that Yuuto will become strong enough to save her in the future.

Though Yuuto learned the ability to travel to other worlds, she decided to make Shinecoast City her home. She would travel back to her world, but her mother was nowhere to be found there. So she continues to travel to other dimensions in hopes of finding her mother and learning new skills, which is why she appears in other game series outside of LAME Dimension.

Though still being unable to find her mother in multiple attempts of travelling to other worlds, she is content with her life in Shinecoast City. She continues to make friends and help other fellow magicians who struggle with realizing their magic potential. In Hazuki Dies, Yuuto befriends Hazuki and gives her spellbooks to help Hazuki survive from the dangers of Shinecoast City.


Chizuru initially met Yuuto in battle due to a misunderstanding made worse through Chizuru’s sarcasm. Chizuru is Yuuto’s first friend in this realm, which resulted in them quickly forming a close bond. Despite the short time they knew each other, Yuuto made efforts to find Chizuru after Chizuru was branded a criminal. She made her a scarf, which Chizuru treasures dearly.

Yuuto is saved by Tito after she got caved in from her first encounter with Chizuru. After following him around, the two bond together and Yuuto learns more about the importance of family. Yuuto views Tito as a bit of an uncle figure.

Crossette was saved by Yuuto after she was taken by Saul Dart. After the events of Super Ledgehop, the two meet again and formed a friendship after Yuuto learns how to cast explosions from Crossette, and Crossette realizes her interest in sewing from Yuuto.

Liz constantly nags Yuuto around Shinecoast City due to the fact that magic is banned. However, Yuuto finds out that Liz doesn’t necessarily hate magic and that Liz struggles with the morals of the law. The two become friends afterwards.


She was created by Koshi L. who was bullied in an online community for having an OC that looks like a bootleg. ChairGTables waifu’d this OC for a year straight, getting the artist’s attention. To encourage her to continue her passion as an artist, Chair decided to make games with Yuuto as a character.


• ​She is also known as Bluechouli
• Lead developer ChairGTables loves Yuuto more than protagonist Chizuru
• ChairGTables graduated college with Yuuto on the graduation cap
• Yuuto made multiple guest appearances across different games, which are considered canon. This is backed up by her ability to travel across dimensions, as she looks for her mother. She also retains the abilities she learns from people across these different dimensions.
• Yuuto’s book is not a spellbook. It is a notebook.
• A fumo of Yuuto Ichika exists.
• Yuuto Ichika has a mod on Rivals of Aether, with her appearing on major Smash tournaments on Top 8 thanks to JM1-3 and Slimepuffen. ChairGTables also made an appearance on stream with Yuuto during a Genesis 8 streamed match.
• Yuuto has more than five Twitch emotes, most of which are only accessible through Frankerfacez.

Liz's Patrol
Hey! I thought I told you that you cannot use magic in town!
Ehh? But I'm doing community service!
How is making things disappear in the middle of the street supposed to be community service?
Liz, I am making trash disappear! I'm cleaning the streets for everyone!
Oh... well... why are you even learning magic like that? Shouldn't learn things like summoning a comet?
I don't wanna blow up this world!
Then what are you even planning to do with your magic?
There's all sorts of magic. I want to learn from everyone as much as I can so that more people can appreciate what I can do, and I can appreciate them back.
So most of your spells are just things you copied from people?
Yeah! And I just jot them down on my notebook here. Magic isn't just about casting explosions. You can clean streets and make cookies with them too.
Wait, notebook? That book you have isn't even a spellbook?
Yeah, spellbooks are hard to read, so I just write down notes on how to cast spells.
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