A collection of various life changing untitled games created by Arjaae. Games can vary from shooting games to clicking games.
This game contains assets from other games such as Mario. They do not affiliate with LAME Dimension in any way.
Gaming Deets

Arwin Games

arwinscreen1-wawa arwinscreen2-wawa
Enjoy the thrill of a legendary collection of untitled Arwin games! Feel the quick projectile action in the first Arwin game. Hone your aiming skills in Arwin 2. Master your clicking and laughing abilities in Arwin 3. Keep clicking away in Arwin 4. And finally, navigate mazes in Arwin 5!
• Awesome guys telling you to go and kill
• High score system!
• You will come out a changed man
Development History
ChairGTables and Arjaae were classmates in middle school. Although the team did not get much attention from their games, Arjaae was one of the few people who shown genuine interest in their games. After joining the team, Chair introduced Arjaae to the Game Maker engine. These games are the games that Arjaae created as he tried to learn the engine. The first few games were created with assistance from Chair. After the fifth title, Arjaae left the team to focus on his other interests.
• The games have no official titles. If we go by the file names, these games would be called GAME MAKER, FOR JORIEL TO FIX, 2, FIXED, FOR MAZE.
• The folder that contains all the games contains multiple MS Paint edits of video game characters
• The first and second game were completed with the assistance of ChairGTables. The third, fourth, and fifth game were supposed to be assisted as well, but the point where Arjaae shifted away from game development has already passed. Despite the change in paths, Arjaae still shares a friendship with the team.
"I need Arwin 6" - ChairGTables, 2024
Might ask for a copy!