All you got is one minute! Become the top dog and fight your way through the hotel to get as many bones as you can before time runs out! Can you make ZDog happy today?
This game contains assets and characters from the Hummer Team. They do not affiliate with LAME Dimension in any way.
Gaming Deets

ZDog Hotel Hero Z

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ZDog is back and better than ever! Harness the jank of the original ZDog Hero and duke it out with the Hummer Team characters in an epic hotel brawl. Relive the chaos of Hotel Mario, collect bones to boost your speed, and embrace the pure joy of bootleg games. This doggy 1 minute challenge is to snag as many bones as possible. Smash enemies to drop bones, and chain combos to multiply your haul. Punch foes flying across the floor or use your ZenoWan Cutter to send them flying upwards and clear entire levels. Hunt down Pink Jelly hiding behind one of the doors so destroy her, and find the exit for a time bonus. The game ends when time is up. How many bones can you collect?
• ZDog is now a cute girl!
• The fighting mechanics of ZDog Hero now integrated in an action game!
• You can hear ZDog bark again!
Development History
This game was made for the birthday DannyRG, which ended up being late due to Chair underestimating the complexity of the project. Compared to the Arley fishing game, this project was many times larger to develop, despite the game length being only one minute for both titles. Chair decided to make this game, as DannyRG has made a character out of ZDog but with more human features, and ZDog is one of their shared favorite bootlegs.
• Part of this game was developed at an airport
• Games that inspired the creation of this title include Haggleman, Muteki-Ken Kung Fu, Kung Fu Master, Ninja Jajamaru-kun, Hotel Mario, ZDog Hero, and Keystone Kapers
• The Time? text that appears after defeating an opponent is a reference to Action 52, where the same thing happens when defeating an opponent in Time Warp Tickers
"The delay is probably because I ending up too much fun testing the game that I kept replaying the game for hours." - ChairGTables, 2024