The evil Dr. Dr. has returned and he has sent one of his men to Dr. Hisnamedoesnotmatter's simulator machine. It's up to Emoman to save his lab and kill the evil Iforgothisnameman inside the machine before he gets materialized in this side scrolling action game.
This game contains sprites from other games such as Megaman and Street Fighter. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension
Gaming Deets

Emoman VS Iforgothisnameman

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In this game, you play a man named Emoman. This guy is very like very very emo. He got an email on from Dr. Hisnamedoesnt matter. The email says:

Emoman! Dr. DR came back! He tranferred one of his evil robots into my simulator which I used to train you. Please come here and destroy him. I just got the right device to tranfer you inside the machine.
-Dr. Hisnamedoesntmatter

So he went there. At the end of this simulation awaits Iforgothisnameman, one of Dr. DR's powerful cohorts. Throw poop to your heart's delight in this side scrolling shooter game!
• Upgrade your poop into laser poop to pierce through enemies!
• Very loud gameplay!
• Everyone screams when they get pooped on!
Development History
In their middle school days, Mr. Prez was showing ChairGTables one of the sample games he created, one of which uses a sound that came with Game Maker called killmonster.wav. Chair thought this was the funniest sound ever and kept wondering what the sound is supposed to be. He thought it'd be appropriate for a pooping sound, so he when he thought adding their jock classmate Cedric as an emo person into Art of Fighting, he decided that his superpowers should be throwing poop, rather than Remy's usual projectiles from the original source game. Later on, Chair attempted the Scrolling Shooter tutorial PDF that came with Game Maker 7. Along the way, Chair swapped the sprites into fighting game characters and decided that Emoman Cedric should be the protagonist, where you can throw poop to your heart's content, along with changing the scrolling from vertical to horizontal. This begins Chair's first series with reoccuring characters, where some characters still appear in LAME Dimension titles, but with actual original designs.
Mr. Prez
• The boss fight is a reference to Stick Figure Returns, where both protagonists have strange projectiles and both bosses are tanks attached with a girl on top. In Art of Fighting 2 The Sequel: SPCS Revenge, Emoman is named after Cedric while Iforgothisname man is a reference to Francine,
• Chair intended to separate the games into parts because he did not know at this time how to make bosses. In this game, he made over two hundred lines of code that manually changes the boss's HP. For example, if the boss's health was 98, he would write a line of code that would check if the boss's health is 98 and change it to 97 if he gets hit. He did this for every digit until the health reaches zero.
• Dr. DR is currently a reoccuring LAME Dimension character, but despite this game being his first appearance, you never actually see him here.
• Chair did not know how to use alpha back then, so the invincibility frames were done by making a new sprite that's more transparent.
"I could have just left this series alone, but I kept bringing back these characters somehow. It's one of my first games, but I can't help but be attached to it." - ChairGTables, 2024
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