Play an NES reimagining of Halo, transforming the first person shooter into a platformer. Keep note that this is a Windows program that depicts how Halo on the NES would look like and does not function an actual NES game.
This game contains characters from other games such as Halo. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension
Gaming Deets

Halo NES

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When Halo came out, it was such a wonder to the world. Now imagine that wonder being brought into the wonders of the NES. This is Halo NES, where you play as a Spartan in this platforming game. Survive with your pistol and assault rifle and discover the mysteries surrounding you.
• Two weapons to choose from
• Awesome shooting action
• Has intense voices that the NES cannot handle
Development History
Mr. Prez decided to create this game in middle school, as he finds the idea of demaking things to be sometimes hilarious. Unfortunately, development was halted indefinitely, as the game's source code was stolen in a USB drive. This means that the version that's available for download is not the latest version of the game.
Mr. Prez
Mr. Prez
• This is not a first person shooter
"Awaiting that new Halo game?! Remember when Halo 2 came out and it was a thing?! Remember when Halo 3 was announced and everyone was so hyped?! Remember when Halo Reach was hyped because there were more Spartans?! Remember when people were too confused to be hyped for Halo 4?! At the moment, I am kind of waiting for Halo Guardians... BUT INSTEAD, YOU CAN PLAY THIS CRUDE PORT OF HALO CE TO AN NES VARIANT!!! Most of the NES library is a side scroller, therefore the transition of a first person shooter to a platformer will be seamless! Be amazed that you no longer have rechargeable shields, because I lacked programming experience to make them! Be amazed that the pistol is still over powered in this port! Enjoy the NES graphics that actually seem decent in gameplay than the title screen. GET STUCK IN THE TITLE SCREEN! THIS IS HALO NES!" - Mr. Prez, 2016
We're just getting started.