Two soldiers were sent to clear 100 areas from terrorists. There's a boss for each ten areas. Can you clear all of them while maintaining contact from a fragile communication device?
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Steel Deal

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A terrorist leader drank too much and decided to use all of his money to hire thousands of men all over the region for an aggressive all out attack. It's up to two agents Nikolai and Emery to put a stop to this attack. From here, they will meet both gruesome foes and friends who are forced to fight on their side. Complete ten waves of enemies to meet a powerful new foe to fight against. Equip different weapons to lay mayhem against all the terrorists. But make sure you protect your computer terminal from attacks so that you can maintain contact with headquarters!
• Different weapons to use
• A new boss awaits you every 10 stages
• Kids love this game
Development History
ChairGTables developed this game during the summer of 2010 while taking a vacation in his home country. Battle City for the NES has been a favorite game among his family, so he decided to make a game similar to it. There seemed to have no end to the game, so he decided to create 100 levels with it. However, this proved to be tiresome, so he stopped after around 30 levels, where the game stands today.
• This was actually an attempt to make a better Gateway of Rage.
• This game was based off an NES game called Battle City.
• Rai's moveset has been reused in Super Ledgehop: Double Laser for the Default boss fight
"I know the game I based this game on, which was Battle City, was a hard game, but geez even I sometimes can't get through all of the stages I made. I was more into making the bosses than the stages. Maybe I should have made it in the format of 1 boss per 5 stages instead of 10 stages." - Chair, 2016
No big deal