A brutal man bashed down an innocent emo individual and flushed him down his toilet. This individual must now traverse through the toilet world and get his revenge in this platforming adventure.
This game contains sprites from other games such as Metal Slug. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

Toilet Adventures

toiletscreen2 toiletscreen1
Emoman is under attack! Unfortunately, it was a surprise attack and he couldn't fight back. As he was unconscious, he was shrunk down, thrown into the toilet, and then flushed. Emoman must now find a way to get out of the toilet. But along the way, he learns about the origins of his power, along with facing familiar foes. Dodge fellow poop slingers by crouching and jumping while finding toilets within the toilet to traverse around the world of toilets.
• Flushing sounds
• Poop can shoot poop
• You can bounce on dead enemy bosses
Development History
ChairGTables wanted to revisit the idea of having Emoman in a platformer after cancelling Emoman vs Womanman. He thought it would have been so cool to have Emoman visit the world where there's poop everywhere, as Chair really loves toilets. He also wanted to have an excuse to have a fight with Leviathan from the Mega Man Zero series because he has a crush on her. However, Chair decided that rather than trying to be a Mega Man clone, he wanted to tackle this like its Metal Slug. Unfortunately, he didn't exactly understand what made Metal Slug games the way they were. Since the game ended up being too boring and slow, the game was discontinued.
• This game is based off Metal Slug, so co-op was planned. The second player would control Agent Poop.
• The game was planned to have optional paths and optional bosses.
• There are unused enemy sprites for pee enemies, Jet Poo Soldiers, and a ghost poop.
"I didn't understand back then about Metal Slug's high speed nature but as a speedrunner of the game now, I realized so many areas that I made mistakes in this game. I really don't get why I made the walking speed so slow though. Even the projectile speeds are so slow. Heck, the jump is so low and slow too! It's like Smash Brawl! Haha! This game is also waaaay too gross. I must have been waaay to addicted to poop jokes back then. The only thing I liked about this game was the second boss. It's the first time where I tried something a bit different for a boss. I really wanted to do a choose your path kind of thing so you can choose which third boss you wanted, but it never happened. Already discontinued the game! I really thought this game would have been good too! I even made an advertisement poster of it during art class in middle school!" - ChairGTables, 2016
*flushing sounds*