Jockey Chan, the long lost third cousin of Chin, a relative of a famous martial artist, was just walking around the streets until a terrorist gangster started bombing him. Help Jockey dodge all the bombs. But watch out! The terrorist gangster gets angrier the longer you survive so it will eventually get harder. If you want to surprise yourself, stop reading this and play now!
This game may have shocking elements. Please refrain from playing if you are easily frightened.
Gaming Deets

Jockey Chan

jockey game
jockey chan title
jockey game jockey chan title
A man named Jockey Chan was on his way to visit his long lost third cousin Chin, when suddenly he finds himself under attack by terrorist gangsters near the train rails. He must get to Chin to know his roots about his connections to a famous martial artist, but he must prove his speed and tenacity here by dodging bombs. Move sideways and do not get blown up! Show these terrorists how frightening your agility is. But be careful, the longer you survive, the more these terrorist gangsters begin to match your agility.
• Explosions!
• You can move sideways!
• Tbh it can spook you
Development History
Around middle school, ChairGTables had an obsession with playing all sorts of games with screamers. Chair thought it would be hilarious if he made one. The spin is that he made a clone of the maze game, known for screamers, while a seemingly innocent clone of Kaboom ended up being the game with a screamer, throwing people offguard. Unfortunately, he did not expect that it would make Mr. Prez's little sister cry, so he no longer wanted to make any more screamer games. It was then decided that it would be preferable to make someone cry out of emotional cutscenes rather than a cheap scare. Chair still finds screamers funny, but making a kid cry made him start to feel concern.
• This game is based off an Atari game called Kaboom!
• The window title spells Jockey Chan wrong as Jockie Chan
"What have I done?" - ChairGTables, 2024