The protagonist, Chizuru-Chan, is on a mission to save the senator from a group of crazy thugs! Shoot to the beat of the song to raise the damage of the stylish combos. Perform waveshines to reflect bullets or absorb them to use as your own. Absorb all kinds of bullets to create a crazy mix of bullet hell patterns. Explore four levels filled with intense beats, frisky opponents & maniacal puzzles to reunite Chizuru-Chan with her long lost brother, the senator.
Developed by CS 426's Team 9: LAME Dimension
CS 426 Senior Projects in Computer Science | Spring 2018 | UNR CSE Department
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Super Ledgehop

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Ever came in a situation where you had a chance to become a cute anime girl, but for some reason thugs wanted to blast you into smithereens and the government is so corrupt that they're sending out their top tier dudes after you instead of the thugs? Well, in this game, that's exactly what you're getting! Experience the life of Chizuru, an colorblind orphan who for some reason can only see four specific colors. Help her find her big bro, who happens to be the senator as well! But be careful, because their government is crazy nuts right now! Use your knowledge from rhythm games and bullet hell games to create a barrage of bullets to your enemies while shooting to the beat of the background music! Become the better thug by stealing your opponent's bullets through waveshines! Blast those cheese heads with their own bullets and show them what's up!
• Play a cute anime girl named Chizuru
• Experience a non-accurate depiction of being a colorblind person that can only specifically see four colors
• Freshly baked original soundtrack with lots of songs to shoot along the beat with
• Learn how to waveshine and absorb bullets with your super cool uncle!
• Get the chance to become friends with a thug!!
• But get a cooler chance to experience having a senator as your big bro!
Development History
In 2014, ChairGTables wanted to develop an action RPG called Wave Shine that focuses on a competitive Melee tech known as waveshining. The project, however, was thrown into development hell for years. In her last semester of college, she decided to develop a game as her senior project featuring one of the characters from Wave Shine This game is called Super Ledgehop: Double Laser. Though Super Ledgehop is a game by itself, it serves as a prototype to Wave Shine for the sake of understanding long ranged combat in a top down view in the style of a bullet hell, but without the scrolling shooter aspect. Soon, one of the assignments was to develop a prototype for their senior projects. This is when the team decided to create a prototype in 24 hours, as it was in time for the Extra Life 2017 marathon. This prototype was known as The Quarter Game. The prototype ended up getting 90% positive reviews on Steam. This allows the team to prepare themselves on what to fix for Super Ledgehop. In May 2018, ChairGTables's senior project was due, but Super Ledgehop was incomplete. Despite only having Stage 1 and Thug Wars completed, the project placed third place among the class. The development team continues to work on the game afterwards until it reaches its complete state, while also increasing the scope of the game. In November 2018, the game was released. The game was initially planned to have only four stages and four bosses, but by the end, the game received five stages, five bosses, two midbosses, and a superboss. The amount of people who contributed on the game also doubled, receiving more artists and composers. The game also received a Spanish and Japanese localization. Within the first week of release, the game received over fifty reviews with 98% of them being positive.
• It was never intended for the game to have a rhythm mechanic, but since part of the development team are into rhythm games, the rhythm mechanic was inserted.
• ChairGTables started playing rhythm games in order to understand what makes rhythm more fun. Chair still sucks though, but not so much of a noob anymore.
• Super Ledgehop was the game played by the first VTuber in Games Done Quick. The runner was actually the developer, Chair, which was a surprise to see a developer run their own game at a speedrunning event.
• The game was released on the same day that LAME Dimension staffed for a game room in a convention. While the team was running fighting game tournaments, Chair was also getting worried seeing all of the day 1 bugs happening on stream while constantly pushing updates. There were at least five day 1 patches during that convention.
• Chair pumped up Yuuto Ichika so much during the college presentations, but Yuuto Ichika never made an appearance in the game by the time Chair graduated college.
• Chair frequently cosplays as Chizuru while tabling for events. Chair also exhibits strange tabling habits, where the whole game gets speedran in front of potential players within five minutes. Despite spoiling the game, this sometimes works, as Chair focuses on making friendships on events.
• The team never really ate cheesesteaks until this game was made. Many LAME Dimension members love eating cheesesteak now.
"Super Ledgehop is probably the game that completely changed the course of my life. The game never being finished in time for college discouraged me so much, but if I did not persist, I would have never met so many great friends and experienced so many amazing things, such as running for Games Done Quick." - ChairGTables, 2022
Cheese it up!