Julie needs to go to school but there is a zombie apocalypse. Can he be a good student while clearing out the zombies? Make the right choices or die.
This free game assets from many other games, such as Touhou and Madoka. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension.
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Julie Elvis is a boy that is ridiculed by everyone in town, so his family tries to give him a happy life by having daily deadly battles at home. One ordinary school day, he notices that his school was under attack by zombies. This is when he saw his chance to shine and become the coolest in town. Together with his robot, they decide the end the zombie menace in town. Select the right choices in this visual novel to give Julie the happy ending he deserves.
• Learn how to go from being a loser to being the coolest
• Learn how to spend family time together
• Kids love this game
Development History
ChairGTables needed to submit a short story as part of his English project for his high school class, which also counted as a submission for a writing contest. Chair never made it far in the contest, and decided to make this visual novel both out of frustration and as the perfect excuse to finally try out RenPy for the first time.
• Chair was actually not satisfied with this visual novel so she made Fate of Two Awesomes, which she was satisfied with. The visual novel version seemed to be unable to retain the same comedic tone of the original story told in third person.
• Though the sprites are from existing sources, this game solidified the fact that Chair's future OC will have glasses and a uniform style appeal, while AYAimouto will eventually have twintails.
"This game was absolutely necessary for my OC and AYAimouto to exist" - ChairGTables, 2022
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