This visual novel takes place sometime after the events of Gears of Awesome, where a young boy named Julie is now the ruler of the world. For some reason, the crime rate has been increasing and a mysterious apparition has been causing trouble around the streets. How will his robot friend Aya handle this? Make the right choices or die.
This free game assets from many other games, such as Touhou and Madoka. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

Fate of Two Awesomes

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Experience the life of AYA, the small robot of the town's beloved hero. Life has been peaceful ever since Julie has wiped out all of the zombie ghosts of their town. However, their happy life has been interrupted by the sudden surge of thugs in town. What otherworldly force could have caused their town to be thrown into chaos once again? How would they spend their days now? Will they solve the problem, go on a date, or just stay at home like usual? It is all up to you to help AYA make the decisions, as every decision in this game will decide whether they live or die.
• Play as a chainsaw wielding robot
• Meet a very cute ghost!
• Kids love this game!
Development History
This game is a follow up to Gears of Awesome. When ChairGTables finished the first visual novel, Mr. Prez also created a visual novel, which was leagues way better. With Chair always making more stories about Julie and Aya as his submissions for story contests in his school, he decided to make yet another visual novel that tries the style that Mr. Prez had. Unlike the first visual novel, this one is not based off an already existing short story. This is also when Chair tries to dive deeper into the Sis RPG style of writing, which will soon eventually become a core inspiration of writing style for future titles.
• Chair made this game because he did not like how his first visual novel turned out to be
• Mr. Touchy is actually a retired professional basketball player in real life. His strange fictional personality in this fictional plot made Mr. Touchy the team's favorite character.
• Though sharing the same name, this is not exactly the same AYAimouto chat bot that exists today. However, it was through this game that gave purpose to AYAimouto's existence.
"It was this game that secured the fact that I really want to make Aya real in some form. This is why we have the chat bot." - ChairGTables, 2022
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