There's so much stuff in the sky. You must clear every stuff in the sky so that you can become the master of all the stuff! Fly a plane and destroy everything!
This free game contains audio and graphical assets from other games like Sonic, Fire Emblem and MvC. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension.
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Stupid Apple Shoot

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It was a peaceful day for Stuff Master. However, when she looked up into the sky, she realized that the whole sky is filled with so much stuff. Who else could have more stuff than Stuff Master? That's why Stuff Master has taken a plane out of her pile of stuff to take down all of the stuff in the air to see who else is claiming to become the new stuff master. Fly through four levels and make everything explode!
• Exploding trees
• Hate!
• Love!
• Kids love this game!
Development History
During the high school days of ChairGTables, some people were beginning to become aware of Chair's interest in developing games, as Chair sometimes advertises games at the school's hallways. One of the students, James, has approached Chair and expressed an interest with game development. Chair, wanting to sound cool, decided to pass down his knowledge to James, as the two occasionally got together to make this game together. This serves to be James's first game, as the basics of movement and shooting was taught to him. Chair would teach a bunch, tell James what he can do next, then James would have Chair fix the parts he couldn't program.
• This is James's first game using Game Maker. Chair used the scrolling shooter tutorial to teach him the basics of Game Maker. James simply expanded the tutorial game with his wild imagination.
• Though it's James's first game, Chair thought it was more fun than his Thousand Mile Ride, which he spent a lot of effort and time in, so he was very proud of James. Then again, Chair thought Thousand Mile Ride was trash by the time he finished Great User Wars.
• James's hidden meaning and reasoning for the name of Stupid Apple Shoot is “I want it to sound weird ”.
"One of the coolest parts of watching James make this game is that I can play with his dog Hippo as he tries to come up with solutions" - ChairGTables, 2022
Let's become stuff!