Great User Wars is a bullet hell game heavily inspired by the Touhou series. A man became very lazy in his work and one of his workers began fighting his men so that progress can be restored.
This is a free game that has assets from other games like Touhou. They have no affiliation with this game.
Gaming Deets

Great User Wars

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The president has gone missing without a word to his team. How then can the team make progress without a great man leading them? Set out on an adventure to beat up the rest of your team to find your leader has gone to. Play as Nerd A, and no other character and explore six areas to get clues on the whereabouts of your allies. Dodge bullets and destroy everything in your way with your trusty hovercraft you made for science class!
• One nerd to play as
• Six stages
• Unlock an extra stage for no continues
• Kids love this game
Development History
ChairGTables decided to make a hovercraft for a science fair project but it ended up being a very bad one, which is just a balloon blowing air through a CD hole. To hide how bad it is, ChairGTables made this game where you play as a character riding a hovercraft.
• The protagonist of this game is unnamed but Chair decided to make him another Joriel in the Android supposed sequel, Memories of Faith. He appears as a final boss in that game.
• The game was made in celebration of Chair making a pseudo mini hovercraft as her science fair project. The hovercraft is the protagonist's tool for travel in this game. The game was actually shown during class, leading a student to ask Chair to develop Dirge of the Fallen.
• Each boss represents a member of Lame Dimension. The extra boss, however, is not based off a member of Lame Dimension but simply an artist who was about to help the team. The mugshot for each boss is simply an anime'd version of their IRL picture.
• Chair almost discontinued the game during stage 3, but continued after playing more Touhou and learning better bullet patterns. This is why the first three stages feels more like a typical scrolling shooter game than Touhou.
• The final boss's final spellcard involves a Pacman minigame, which takes some of the format of one of Mr. Prez's first game, which was a Pacman clone, and fixing its flaws.
"MY HOUSE IS MADE OF WALLS is peak dialogue" - ChairGTables, 2022
My house is made of walls!