Robin wants love so he turned everyone into zombies! All your classmates in this weird architecturally broken school as you have to battle your way across zombies! Armed with your fully power gun lazor and 7th Addition Pricy Algebra 1 Book, you must show these zombies that love is eternal! These zombies aren't completely brainless, since they go to this school, so watch out as they use various weapons to take you down! So, charge your lazors, pull out your math books, and LET'S RUMBLE!
All people present in this game have given their consent and permission to be in this game. This game contains sprites and audio from other media such as Clannad, Touhou, Metroid, and Punch Out. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension
Gaming Deets

Harvest Gun Lazor

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Controls: W A S D keys- Move around Mouse - look around Left Click- Shoot 1 2 3 4 - Change Weapons P - Pause ESC - Quit Shift - Hold it while moving to sprint
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Development History
In 2010, ChairGTables created a fake Wii game cover for a supposed first person shooter. Mr. Prez decided to turn it into an actual game, while ChairGTables asks his class on who wants to appear in the game. After three months of development, a video trailer of the game was presented on classes that ChairGTables attended.
• The maps were first drawn by testers then roughly translated into the game
• The "Gideon" enemy in the game is a soccer player that uses his cellphone to send harmful messages but the "Gideon" in the fake cover art is holding a pistol. This was because the resolution for the pistol Gideon was too small so the pistol was given to a different enemy
• The bullets used to be shot so fast that they would go past the enemies
• The Joriel in this universe also uses an Algebra book as a melee weapon similar to the Joriel in RPG Tournament
• Due to the resolution of an older computer, some of the sprites that are drawn in-game may seem to go through floors.
• The title screen was tricky enough to get working, due to the fact that it was a non-player controlled camera moving around in a room.
• The Catapult weapon was another inside joke to where a person in a video uses the same weapon against zombies. The weapon in game also uses the same sound.
• Some weapons were to be hidden within walls, similar to that of early first person shooters such as Duke Nukem or Doom. The team couldn't get the walls to work so the idea was scrapped. However, during the last boss battle, there are pictures on the sides of the room that can be fired upon. Shooting those pictures would actually change them into a different photo. That's because the photos still retain the code from this idea!
• A remake was created to fix some bugs and add new mechanics to the game. This remake was lost to a hard drive failure.
"I'm just glad I never got in trouble for taking part of a game that basically consists of you taking control of a boy killing the students of my high school. I mean, we zombified them so it would be more of a joke than an offense. I promise though I got permission from the people photo's I used! So we all good because we all had a good laugh about this joke game. I mean, I didn't even get in trouble for making a teaser of this game and showing it in class with the teacher watching it!" - ChairGTables, 2016
Let's rumble!