You enter the system and Master Control sees you as a threat! Can you defeat Master Control with your discs and escape the system?
This game is inspired by Tron. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

LD Tron

Inspired and based off a Tron parody video we did a few years ago, LD Tron is a game where you throw Frisbee discs at funny looking guy on the left named Master Control. Master Control was apparently the system program that was in charge of keeping all our data in check. Unfortunately, he saw that the user entering the system as a threat rather than the creator. In the end, Mr. Prez escapes alive while destroying the system program... This can be the reason why we lose so much game files each year. Otherwise, have a blast dodging circles and shooting squares!
• Throw funny discs
• Multiple levels
• Kids love this game
Development History
Mr. Prez decides to make a live action video with ChairGTables to parody Tron. Upon completion of the video, Mr. Prez decides to make a game based off of it.
• There was a first-person action game of LD Tron but that file is currently lost.
• The goggles worn by the main character is the night vision goggles by Spy Gear, a company focused on making spy related toys for younger audiences
• This game was based off a video. The video was based off a movie. The movie was based off a game.
"I like food" - ChairGTables, 2006
"Careful Mr. Prez! It will..... bite you if you don't throw them! (Unfunny Metal Wolf Chaos Reference)" - Mr. Prez
I am Master Control!