An experimental game with tactics and strategy involved. You program a robot by giving various commands to take out the terrorists on the screen. The robot is armed with a shotgun pistol, surround lasers, and energy barriers. Step up your game and defeat those guys with your epic robot!
Gaming Deets
Controls: After clicking a box, you can press a number on your keyboard to perform an action 1 - stay 2 - move left 3 - move right 4 - move up 5 - move down 6 - shoot left 7 - shoot right 8 - shoot up 9 - shoot down 0 - use barrier
• This is similar to programming a Lego Mindstorms robot.
• I'm not so sure about the top fact, but I've done it before.
• The game was inspired by Robotcop.
• I'd buy this game for a dollar! Hahaha
• The patterns of the terrain were made to resemble Chess.
• The reason why it's hard to program the robot was due to a few programming flaws. The interface was not working correctly so Mr. Prez attempted to use buttons. While the buttons solution did not work, he realized that he had made a simple mistake. He was going to revert to the older and better controls, but he was too lazy to do it now that he got it working.
"I am awesome" - Mr. Prez, 2006
"You want your robot to shoot them bad guys? How about a hard game of chess?"