This is an early test project to mimic the gameplay of Pacman. Navigate around the maze and avoid ghosts!
This free game contains assets from other titles such as Pacman. They are not affiliated with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

Pac Clone

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This is a game developed by Mr. Prez as a practice project to recreate the gameplay of Pacman, where the player must travel around the maze while avoiding ghosts. This is a simple, unfinished test game with only one level. The current build available on this site is a recreation of the game by ChairGTables.
• Move in four directions
• Meet funny ghosts
• Eat ice cream
Development History
Pac Clone is one of the earliest games developed in LAME Dimension, back when the team was still called the Stick Figure Returns team. Mr. Prez created this project as practice for the Game Maker 7 engine. It was noteable the ghosts were unable to navigate around the maze properly. After ChairGTables witnessed this project, he also attempted to create a Pac Clone, which roughly worked as well.

In 2023, within Chair's usual birthday streams, where lost LAME Dimension games get recreated for archival purposes, Chair was able to recreate the game in rough memory with Game Maker Studio 2, complete with the stuttering ghosts.
Mr. Prez
• After recreating the game, Chair invited everyone to a few games of Gartic Phone, where Red Pacman quickly became an inside joke
• The maze in the available build is not completely accurate to how it was designed in 2007
• The available build is based of Mr. Prez's build, not Chair's build which was quickly discarded from the start
"Red Pacman" - ChairGTables, 2024
Ghost stuck!