You love collecting yellow coins, but there are creatures along the way! Use your power of throwing tiny suns to incinerate enemies along your path to collect all the coins! Can you beat all three levels?
This free game contains assets from other titles such as Super Mario. They are not affiliated with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

Mario Coin Collector

marioscreen3 mariocoinscreen2 mariocoin_orig
A plumber in an island has been living happily collecting his precious coins, but suddenly, creatures started popping up around the island, blocking his way from all the coins. You must guide this plumber to the coins and take advantage of his power to create tiny suns to destroy all the enemies. Experience the thrill of one of ChairGTables's first games ever created.
• Three crazy levels
• Functioning title screen
• You can only shoot left
Development History
This game is one of ChairGTables's first practice projects made in Game Maker 7. Being among the first in 2007, the game is very rough, as most of the functionality is Chair finding out what each drag and drop block meant. This was also in the years of early internet, so not all game assets are accessible online, where Chair made his first sound rips, despite being very low quality in recording due to them being recorded with a five dollar microphone over DS speakers.

In 2020, within Chair's usual birthday streams, where lost LAME Dimension games get recreated for archival purposes, Chair was able to recreate the game in rough memory with Game Maker Studio 2, complete with the barely functional enemies, strange shooting mechanics, and incorrect sprite usage.
• This is the first lost LAME Dimension game recreation done during a birthday celebration
• The available build has three stages, but it is unsure if the build from 2007 really had two or three stages
• Being able to aim vertically is a feature added by Mr. Prez when Chair asked him how to aim, but being able to shoot both sides was never done
"I revived it back" - ChairGTables, 2020