Enter a space battle between two galactic captains. Can you defeat a starship way bigger than yours?
Gaming Deets

Star Battle

Two galactic captains duke it out in space to determine the fate of their galaxy. Despite the size difference, you are determined to survive this battle with the strength of the fireballs launched by your ship. Will this be enough to win the battle? This fun and simple shooting game features a single fight. There is no true way to win this fight, as the focus is to get as much points as possible by shooting at your opponent.
• Intense shooting action
• Your ship is blue
• Experience the joys of being in space
Development History
While Mr. Prez was a child, he had a desire to create a cool space game with his own creative thoughts. One day, he was unable to have access to the internet or any games. He used this time to create a simple shooting game, which would serve as a template for boss battles in other titles.
• The boss format was also somewhat followed in future games such as Emoman, Thousand Mile Ride, Gateway of Rage, and Stupid Apple Shoot, where the boss will just move in one dimension and change directions randomly while shooting projectiles in a straight direction.
• It is unsure what the space captain in the ship actually looks like. The portrait in this page is an interpretation by ChairGTables.
"Chair may have forgotten, but this was also used in Stick Figure Returns." - Mr. Prez
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