Help Cedric travel different lands to defeat his evil creator, Tank Francine, by using his unstoppable nipple lasers.
This game contains music from O-zone. They are not affiliated with LAME Dimension.
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Stick Figure Returns

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Tank Francine is wrecking havoc around town. Time for Stick Figure Cedric to once again save the day! Help Cedric travel different lands to defeat his evil creator, Tank Francine, by using his unstoppable nipple lasers, detachable limbs, and the power of pizza delivery!
• Shoot lasers from your nipples
• Experience the ability to order pizza
• Contains all the old and experimental versions of the past Stick Figure Returns games
Development History
This is the game that started Lame Dimension as the Stick Figure Returns! Team. There were a few games before this but this series is what fired up the passion. Chair and Mr. Prez were made fun of many times when they were kids, so they made games to make fun of them in return. In the end, we all laughed together at this silly game. During this time, Mr. Prez is the only person who knows how to make games in the team. Chair was there just for support.
• Version 0.5 and 1.0 was missing for over a decade, but Chair decided to remake them in 2020 for the sake of game preservation. Version 0.5 and 1.0 went missing due to a change of computers. Version 1.0 was remade but that was lost too along with Mario Coin Collector. The two are quite simple to make anyway. Version 0.5 features Cedric and Pacman in a small room. Pressing Space will make a laser sound but will not shoot lasers. Pacman is forever stuck moving towards the right side of the room. Pressing the arrow keys will cause Cedric to gain momentum but will not stop. Pressing it many times will cause Cedric to move so fast that he is able to escape the walls of the room, causing a never ending crashing sound. Version 1.0 is a linear game. It looks more like a powerpoint slideshow but it was really funny to us when we were kids for some reason.
• For some reason, version 3.0 says that version 1.5 is the "Best Version" even though it's one of the older versions with weaker gameplay.
• For some reason, Sephiroth's theme made us cry to tears of laughter as kids.
• Today, we just laugh at our bad programming skills back then and our poor grammar. We love ourselves for that.
• The first versions were made in a day.
• In most versions, Cedric teleports when changing animations because the center of his sprite is not centered at all.
• The projectiles do not come out of Cedric proportionally because the center of his sprite is on the top left, making the projectiles centered strangely.
"I really, REALLY loved the way that Mr. Prez said that I was a big part of this game's development even though I had zero experience in making games at that time. All I did was just provide silly ideas! This was what sparked our strong friendship and interest in game development though. I still remember the elementary days." - ChairGTables, 2016
Get blasted by my nipples!