Run as far as you can towards the mountains without getting interrupted! The goals is to avoid hitting some obstacles for as long as possible.
This game contains music from O-zone and sprites from other games such as Golden Sun. They are not affiliated with LAME Dimension.
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Scaling Pro

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This man wants to get to the mountains, and there's definitely no stopping his legs from going! However, there's a ton of trees and pedestrians getting in his way in a seemingly empty plain. How far can you run before you bump into something? Get those quick feet running!
• Run ahead whenever you want!
• Tree bonking action!
• Running!
Development History
In his middle school days, ChairGTables always wanted to try out making something that looks 3D, but this kid can't spend the twenty dollars to pay for the pro version of Game Maker, nor has the courage to ask his parents for their card. So Chair resorted to doing one of the PDF tutorials provided by Game Maker 7, where you can make a 2D game with a pseudo 3D effect. After completing the tutorial, Chair decided to add a few more features, such as adding new obstacles and changing up the graphics. Chair felt a bit sad because he showed the game to people around his house, and they enjoyed it more than games he made that weren't just a simple upgrade from a tutorial project.
• ChairGTables had no purpose in mind when he made this. He just... made it...
"It was one the games I put the smallest efforts in as I just added stuff into the Game Maker tutorial game, but strangely it's one of the games I've witnessed a person play the longest as they wanted to play over and over again when I made them playtest. Guess this game foretold the popularity of the mobile games where people just run forward dodging obstacles. The game still helped me understand how perspective worked though." - ChairGTables, 2016
*bonks tree* Ow!