WHAT YOU NEVER PAYED CATCH THE CLOWN!? *sigh* All you gotta do is click on the clown and new stuff is to avoid clicking on the evil ones. The clown gets faster and faster. You only have 150 attempts.
This game contains sounds from Sephiroth. They are not affiliated with LAME Dimension.
Gaming Deets

Clown Pro

clownscreen2 clownscreen1
In this version of Catch the Clown, there are now evil clowns that decrease your score and every type of clowns multiply. Get as many points as you can before the time ends.
• Funny clowns
• Evil clowns
• There is laughing
Development History
Despite ChairGTables already making his own spin of the first tutorial provided by Game Maker 7, he felt like he really wanted to come back to it because the MIDI just sounded so good. There also seems to be no real goal of the game, so Chair added a way that the game can end. The Game Maker tutorial said at the end that you should try adding a few features on your own, which was to add a dark clown that reduces your score. So Chair added the evil clown. It also said two clowns moving around, but Chair wanted them to multiply so that the game gets super noisy, which Chair finds super funny.
• The downloadable file comes with an additional version called coolmovie, because Chair thought that endless repeating bouncing sound was super funny
"I'm most likely the only one in this world that likes the stock music Game Maker provides you in their tutorial." - ChairGTables, 2006