Duke it out SPCS style! Battle your way in this fighting game and defeat the tournament organizer to get your wish granted!
No download links because this is just a MUGEN game with characters created by others. We appreciate their efforts.
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A mysterious man with a long blade comes out of nowhere and proposes a tournament. The best fighter gets their wish granted. Who among SPCS can win against each other in an endless amount of spectacular battles in this busted fighting game?
• Tons of bugs
• Characters can go from balanced to super busted
• Boss fights
Development History
ChairGTables thought it would be cool to pick out random fighting game characters and name them after his classmates based on how relatable they are to each person. Chair also made a bunch of edits to some of the characters for comedic purposes, such as Remy throwing poop, which gave birth to the Emoman series. Some of the so-called characters in this roster soon get transformed into original characters in future LAME Dimension installments, notable Frannie and Prince Louie.
• ChairGTables actually spent an embarassingly endless amount of hours playing this MUGEN build
• Chair intended to recreate every character by making 3D models of them and re-doing every single frame, but he realized he could not make 3D models
• Some of the songs in this MUGEN build are just Chair recording songs from the DS speakers using a five dollar microphone
• This game features one of the earliest instances of ChairGTables doing voice acting
"I thank MUGEN for helping me discover a ton of my favorite sound effects" - ChairGTables, 2024
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