It's a simple game of killing zombies. Your objective is to control your character and kill some zombies. Kill as much as you can. The more points you get, the more zombies appear so it gets harder. Sometimes bonuses appear. Collect them to earn lives or health. So whatever you do, do not die. See ya later!
This game contains sprites from other games such as MvC. They have no affiliation with LAME Dimension
Gaming Deets

Zombie Survival

zombiesurvivalscreen2 zombiesurvivalscreen1
There is a zombie outbreak and you are now trapped in a room. There's no escape and all the zombies are closing in. Punch and push away zombies to survive as long as you can. Take care, as you must press the right button to punch or push at the correct direction. How many zombies can you defeat in this crazy mayhem?
• Call your team and nothing happens!
• Push away zombies, which doesn't really have any advantages over punching!
• Zero invincibility frames!
Development History
After messing around with Game Maker 7 with no real sense of direction other than watching Mr. Prez create games, ChairGTables finally decided to sit down and try out the PDF tutorials that came with Game Maker. As Chair proceeded to go through with the first tutorial to make a game where you click on clowns, and somehow transformed this game where you move around and punch zombies. At this time, Chair was in a phase where he loved making edits to MUGEN characters, so he ripped some sprites from MUGEN and decided to create a non-fighting game out of it. The clown was swapped for the zombies, and Chair simply added a playable character, rather than the original intent of clicking people. Chair had a larger vision for this game, but he already knew at some point that he doesn't have the ability to do some things yet. So Chair moved on to other tutorials to learn other aspects of game development, and finished the game with at least some basis of combat.
• Nemesis from Resident Evil was planned to appear as a secret boss after killing 500 zombies. It was scrapped because Chair still did not know how to make a boss and this was her first Game Maker game.
• This was made directly from the Catch the Clown tutorial for Game Maker 7. Another game Chair expanded from that tutorial was Clown Pro.
• It was planned to make bullets appear in the stage out of random, meaning that a gun was going to be usable. It was scrapped because Chair did not know how to make projectiles at that time.
"Though I made another game prior to this one, which was Mario Coin Collector (sadly, that game's files are forever lost), I'd rather call this one my first solo project. Why? Well, let's just say there's some playability here. There's a bit of combat here while the other game is a no brainer (enemies go left only and they only exist at the start of the stage). Also, I'm still surprised I was able to transform the Catch the Clown game into this. It's like I literally changed everything here. It's apparent though as you can see the similar walls and background." - ChairGTables, 2016