Edgy Poop Slinger
Cedric Emory
July 12
175 cm
"It never mattered"
Dr. Hisnamedoesntmatter (Creator)
Making Poop Posts
People talking crap about him
Main Bio

Cedric Emory, better known as Emoman, is the android reincarnation of Stick Figure Cedric. However, Emoman himself does not know this and believes himself to be a normal human and views his creator Dr. Hisnamedoesntmatter as his biological father, but he is still rebellious against him. Emoman spends most of his time being edgy on the internet and only seems to respond to messages online, as he locks himself from social interaction.


Dr. Hisnamedoesntmatter was worried about his social isolation, and suspects that he might be getting bullied, so he send Emoman to get transported inside a training simulation program to expose Emoman to his mighty poop throwing powers. This sparked a new joy in Emoman, but this would get him into trouble a few times, as he would sometimes throw poop at stop signs for his own enjoyment.

One day, Dr. Hisnamedoesntmatter’s simulation program got hijacked by his old student, Dr. DR. Emoman gets sent to investigate the issue. Emoman defeats all the enemies in the training simulation and finds Iforgothisnameman, an android created by the evil Dr. DR. Emoman catches her talking to Dr. DR, making them aware that Dr. DR is behind this, and defeats Iforgothisnameman, who drops an orb. Emoman brings this to his creator, who talks about how each android has a core power. These core powers can also be installed into Emoman, so he was able to get access to Iforgothisnameman’s missiles. Emoman goes after Dr. DR’s laboratory, but finds another android named Womanman, who they to repair.
They successfully do so, but the android runs back to Dr. DR. Emoman soon fights Womanman, and talks about the fun life of poop. Womanman discovers the joy of life through that, and joins Emoman. Emoman finds Dr. DR and tells him to stop harassing his creator. Dr. DR refuses, as he needs his inventions to create the ultimate ice cream castle truck. They fight, and Emoman emerges as victorious.

Emoman gets hailed as a hero, and all the people that made fun of him started to be afraid of him, as he would throw poop on their faces. This made Emoman an overall happier person, making him slowly get out of his emo phase, as he no longer inflicts self harm on himself. His strength was sought after by hunters and he was asked numerous times to help with various missions. He was also swayed by assassins, which he mistakes to be in good faith as Emoman just wants to throw poop. Soon, one of the people that made fun of him started to get jealous of the attention he is getting. So he flushes Emoman down the toilet. As he makes his way out of the toilet, he ends up fighting against a superhero poop named Captain Poop. After this battle, he is started to remember his previous incarnation as Stick Figure Cedric, as Captain Poop is the poop incarnation of Stick Figure Cedric’s enemy, Supa Stick. He also later finds Iforgothisnameman inside the toilet, who fights him as she was promised that her debts to Dr. DR would be paid off if she defeats Emoman in the toilet. Emoman defeats her and further remembers his incarnation, as Iforgothisnameman was also an android reincarnation of Tank Francine, Stick Figure Cedric’s arch nemesis. Emoman soon emerges out of the toilet and defeats the one who flushed him. On his way home, he caught a smell of pizza pie, and thus he finally remembers who he truly was before. Emoman embraces his joy of being a hero and gives all of his friends a slice of pizza pie.


Emoman was ChairGTables’s first game series, which was technically a continuation of LAME Dimension’s first series Stick Figure Returns
Emoman’s sprites were from a fighting game known for its spectacular parries. It was during 2021 when Chair finally gave Emoman his own original design.
Before Emoman had his own game, Emoman was a joke edit in MUGEN of a character from that fighting game, except all the projectile sprites were changed into poop. Numerous other sprites, such as blocking, has him making a shell out of poop.
Emoman’s “OW!” and the sound effect that happens when he throws poop is one of the things that made LAME Dimension go into ear piercing laughter during middle school.
Though Emoman was a reincarnation of Stick Figure Cedric, who is based off their classmate Cedric, the real life Cedric is not at all emo. The real cedric is actually very athletic, social, and definitely does not throw poop at people.

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