An Ordinary, Youthful Swordsman
May 5
12 (FF 1); 19 (FF 2)
169 cm
Alen (cousin)
Being awesome
Curse Words
Main Bio
“I'm the protagonist so I'm awesome!”

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! King is the main protagonist of the Final Flames series.


Sword mastery and fire manipulation


As a child, his greatest dream was to become the most amazing hero in the world. He strives to be the person that everyone admires. He lives out his childhood life being a hero by stopping bullies in his school, which are often done through pranks. One day, he explored an abandoned military base with Jonnel. After discovering weapons there, such as the fire jacket, he decided to turn the abandoned military base into his own secret base. He forms his hero team with Jonnel, Faliyos, and Alen, but this was more in a sense of fun.

Soon after, the north campus of his school was taken over by the Dark Army, essentially turning the students evil there. King decided that this was going to be the debut of him and his friends being heroes. King and his team essentially defeated the Dark Army and drove them away from their world, becoming the city’s heroes.

As years passed, King was able to get a sponsorship from the government that gets his team paid by commission for undertaking missions that helps the city. However, this doesn’t get them paid enough and he lives his life working in a grocery to pay for his college tuition. Despite this, he still takes on missions he doesn’t get paid for just to become the hero that everyone loves.


Despite the main protagonist of the Final Flames series, he first appeared as an enemy in Final Flames 1.7: RPG Tournament. That game, even though it occurs canonically after the first Final Flames game, was released before the first Final Flames game.
King does not have fire powers, as the flames are created through the fire jacket, which essentially just has flame throwers inside the jacket. King spends time refining the flame thrower and his skills into using it effectively.
King’s sword is short and small for a sword, but he prefers this so that he can attack in a quicker fashion.

Liz's Patrol
So I heard you're the hero of SPCS. Why do you think you can just swing around a sword like that without approval?
Because I'm awesome!
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