Quarter CEO, Quarter Sword Master, Quarter Cutie, Quarter Donut Queen
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Mayu Shirokawa
December 8
160 cm
"C-Cut it out!"
Yashiro (Father)
Renshuu (Cousin)
Losing money
Main Bio
“Donuts at the break room.”

Mayu “Mashiro” Shirokawa is the main protagonist of The Quarter Game. She is an expert sword master who exhibits her family's Shirokawa Arts. Mashiro is currently the CEO of Shirokawa Incorporated. after her mother was too injured to operate the company.


Mashiro has blue eyes and long, white hair, with a large ahoge at the top of her head. Despite wearing a uniform, Mashiro has already graduated from her studies. She continues to wear the school uniform she had when she went to school with Isuzu, Hazuki, and Chizuru. The uniform shirt is blue and white, with the skirt being similar except it being more blue throughout. Mashiro has black crew socks and brown school shoes. Mashiro's sword is a katana with her friends' team logo attached at the hilt as a charm. Her sword's sheath has rabbits painted on it.


Mashiro is a girl who does not express much of her feelings unless her friends and family are involved. The occasional times where she shows excitement is when she finds her favorite donuts. She always takes situations seriously and may appear cold towards those who oppose her. She is very business minded, however, she has a preference to do things that she may deem as righteous, even if not as profitable. Prior to meeting Isuzu and the rest of her fighting game crew, she was devoid of showing any emotion and was apathetic towards everything that did not serve any purpose to her. Despite being very focused on her work, she yearns for days where can have fun with her friends again. After The Quarter Game, Mashiro now wears an unbuttoned blazer to continue her mother's legacy in running the company.


Sword Mastery – Mashiro's father has been teacher her how to fight with a sword since her childhood

Exceptional Knowledge – Mashiro is an expert in technology and is a very reliable individual for handling business

Quick Speed – Mashiro's fighting style is focused on speed, along with the Wave Dash ability she learned from Isuzu


Mashiro was raised to be a fighter by her father, and a business woman by her mother. To Mashiro, these was her life's purpose. Due to intense focus, her emotionless expressions and cold words made everyone fear her. This made it difficult for her to make friends, despite everyone treating her with respect. It wasn't until she formed a close bond with Isuzu, Chizuru, and Hazuki when her perspective in life changed. She often fought against Isuzu out of her curiousity with facing off against magic. The two became very close through this, and the enjoyment they shared had Mashiro experience genuine smiles and laughter. Unfortunately as she grew older, she faded away from her friendships to focus more on her goals in life. She works for her mother’s company, Shirokawa Incorporated.

In The Quarter Game, her mother has been kidnapped by a ring leader in the black market, who wishes to obtain Shirokawa Incorporated’s new technology. Because her father, a samurai, has gone missing after a dangerous military mission, she decides to take this on her own hands. Though having a selfish desire of doing this to possibly get a raise, she cares more about her mother than money. Mashiro succeeds in saving her mother, while finding out that her father returned to save her mother as well. Unfortunately, her mother is severely injured. Rather than getting a raise, her mother handed Mashiro the title of CEO of the company.

Mashiro spares the black market ring leader, forcing him and his crew to start their own business to learn how to earn money in a non shady business pattern. When they started a restaurant, Mashiro supervises them, ensuring that they both reform and become successful in their own business. Though she greatly hates them, she still finds it in her heart to provide them some funding when needed.


Isuzu is Mashiro's best friend, despite her refusing to acknowledge that fact. The two constantly bicker towards each other, but she never expresses as much words to anyone else other than Isuzu. They have different viewpoints in life, where Isuzu is more of a free spirit, while Mashiro is business minded, but this is where Mashiro finds comfort and freedom while being with Isuzu.

The two shared a very close bond since their childhood.

The two shared a very close bond since their childhood.

Yashiro taught everything Mashiro knows about fighting with swords. As much as she loves her father, he is usually away from the family completing missions in distant lands.

Kishiro raised Mashiro with high hopes that she will become a successful in the future. Though Kishiro can be strict sometimes, the two share great respect for each other.

Renshuu is often present around her family's operations that Mashiro considers her more as a sister rather than her cousin.


In ChairGTables's high school years, he was invited to a fighting game session with a group of strangers to see who is the strongest fighting game player in their school. This eventually ended up where these strangers became very close friends. Unfortunately, as years passed, they have to accept the truth that they all must part ways to pursue their career and dreams. However, Chair is eternally grateful to them for changing his life forever, and declared that he would make a game with characters loosely based off of them. They eventually found a particular artwork, which was hilarious to them, as each Kantai Collection character from that group closely resembled their personalities. Thus, their characters are designed in a way that's loosely based off of them. Mashiro is based off Hibiki, bearing a strong similarity in terms of appearance and personality. She was named Mashiro after the character with a similar appeal from Sakurasou, who is also named Mashiro. The name Mayu Shirokawa was later formed when trying to turn Mashiro into two names. Mashiro was randomly selected as a candidate to have her own game released first when Chair was presented with an opportunity to make a beta version of his college senior project, resulting in The Quarter Game.


• Each member on her family has a nickname based on the first syllable of their first name and the Shiro part of their Shirokawa last name.
• ​She is the first original LAME Dimension protagonist to receive a proper full name.
• Mashiro has a PNGTuber model you can freely use for anything.
• Mashiro has Twitch emotes, most of which are only accessible through Frankerfacez

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