The Questbook (WIP)
UNDER CONSTRUCTION! The LAME Dimension Questbook features all of the projects that the team has created, no matter how good or how bad they are. Whether it's joke games, or commercial games, they are all here. Even the most embarrassing ones can be found here, but that's because the coolest thing is to look back to your past and see how much you've changed. So get ready to experience the life of LAME Dimension from their elementary school days, to what it has become today. If you just wanna see actually somewhat decent games, the cool kids club is just on the right. But if you select a year, get ready for a wild ride!
The entire stupidity of LAME Dimension began when Mr. Prez and ChairGTables met in the same elementary school and quickly became best friends. They became super glued together when Mr. Prez showed Chair a game he was making based off the profile pic of the popular kid in their class, causing Chair's jaw to drop. Chair endlessly begged Mr. Prez to pass on his skills of game development, and thus The Stick Figure Returns Team was born. At this time, their central focus was more towards making silly comics together and showing them to their classmates, but the non-stop explosions in their comics is what drove the spirit of LAME Dimension games.
Mr. Prez and ChairGTables were soon known by their class to be the loud idiots who can't stop laughing while class is happening, as they always come up with dumb new plans for their games and comics. The two mistook this as popularity and grew confidence that they can sell their games by distributing floppy disks to their classmates, despite their games not able to fit inside a floppy disk. With this new confidence, Chair starts working on games without the assistance of Mr. Prez. Despite finishing a few games, this sixth grade dummy also thought that compiling together characters in MUGEN can also count as a game they can distribute.
As Mr. Prez and Chair experiment and learn more about making games, their endless hype just won't stop. This year was the most amount of projects they started on, as the two keep starting projects on the fly whenever they think of something dumb during class. The two realize that they made games beyond Stick Figure Returns, so they changed the team's name to LAME Dimension. They were close to picking Toilet Games though.With their classmates' curiosity beginning to increase on their strange quests, the team's number begins to increase. However, just as this wave of new members arrived, Mr. Prez transfers schools away from Chair.
With the two being separated, Chair became a temporary leader figure for LAME Dimension in his school while Mr. Prez tried to gather new members in his new school. Compared to last year, there was a huge decrease in the number of games developed, but this was because the team is occupied with a major project: Final Flames. This, however, began a short wave of conflicts between Mr. Prez and Chair, as Chair was obsessed with finishing the game with a serious deadline, while Mr. Prez wanted to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Soon enough, Chair graduates from middle school and transfers schools, returning the LAME team size back to the original two.
Chair knows that in order to make a good first impression in his new high school, he has to make his first year a very explosive one. With the hard work of Chair and Mr. Prez, the two were able to finally complete the project they were very passionate for: Final Flames. In the end, it was not a very good game, but it surprised their class that a random game developer came to their school out of nowhere. But they didn't let the hype stop there. They made a ton more games, with a few leading to long term effects in their lives, such as the creation of AYA in a visual novel, and meeting the leader of Secksmen through Chair disrupting class with his weird ideas.
With their biggest project out of the way, the team's hype for developing games died down a little, hindering the progress of their beloved sequel to Final Flames and cancelling multiple other projects. In the meantime, Chair becomes extremely active in the fighting game scene. With the arcades slowly dying in America, Chair knows that all the strong challengers are to be found in tournaments. Chair soon transfers over to a fighting game team called the Secksmen, which is simply just a friend circle of the only people in Chair's highschool who played videogames. After the "panties incident", this friendship was going to go beyond just fighting games.
After Final Flames 2's project files was lost due to the team's weird development process of keeping project files in a thumbdrive to pass on to each other, it was a struggle for the team to maintain their passion. Instead of focusing on long term projects, the team started doing tiny projects again, making it an enjoyable experience for the team to laugh with each other again. Despite projects being quick, a few would end up being extremely relevant to the team. Imouto RPG was a project brainstormed in the toilet and was developed two days before a plane trip, but this included a long term reoccuring character: Liz.
This was the year when LAME Dimension graduated from high school to college, but this also means that Mr. Prez's distance to Chair continues to increase, as Chair will move from Guam to mainland USA. Chair tells Mr. Prez not to worry, as Chair will never stop developing games for LAME Dimension, and will use his new knowledge in college for their games. In the meantime, the Secksmen too will have to disband after graduation, but before they part away to different parts of the world, the four created characters for Chair's future game. And thus Isuzu, Mashiro, Hazuki, and Chizuru were born, which are important characters of LAME Dimension.
Chair continues to enter fighting game tournaments under the Secksmen team name, despite the team disbanding. Chair knew that being in a larger land means more strong opponents, giving him more reason to become stronger. After competing for a long time, Chair decides to help events by streaming their fighting game tournaments. With this, Chair uses his newfound knowledge from his college courses to create weird programs for the stream, such as the iconic little sister bot AYA and the highly explosive giveaway program RNGenocide. With Chair continually participating in events, new opportunities open for LAME Dimension.
Chair continues to staff for multiple gaming events, and he eventually got to a point where he would start bringing LAME Dimension games to add more explosions into event game rooms. This would reel in new interest into LAME Dimension games, pushing Chair into putting more quality into games. Chair soon gets a sudden increase of attention through the Nutshack, resulting in Chair making the Nutshack game for charity. But what was even more sudden was a member of the Siivagunner team, Sylvysprit, approaching Chair and offer help in the music department, closing the gap between LAME Dimension and developing games commercially.
The year of 2017 was the death of LAME Dimension, or so that's what we thought. Though Mr. Prez left LAME Dimension at the start of the year, Chair was slowly able to revive the creative spirit of LAME Dimension. This new revival brought new faces, as Chair brought on his friends into LAME Dimension projects, shaping their class projects into games that go into the LAME Dimension lore. Thus, the year LAME Dimension was doomed was actually the year where LAME Dimension made so many games again. Final Flames 2 was finally recovered and finished. With Quarter Game being their first release on Steam, this was the mark of a new beginning.
The year 2017 may have given LAME Dimension the revival it needed, but the full force revival happened in 2018. The team finally has talents and friends for all departments. With this, nobody really has to focus on working on multiple areas of the game anymore, as there are multiple artists, translators, and composers now. Though the release of Super Ledgehop may have turned the team into serious indie developers, Chair still tries to retain the silly, easygoing feeling for the team in respect to Mr. Prez's original vision. Now that Chair has graduated college, there's more time now to explore games beyond school project limitations.
With Chair being away from the cluthes of school, LAME Dimension's selection of projects are now selected on their own will. But that doesn't mean they should back away from challenges. When a new engine was released for the Game Boy, LAME Dimension made sure they were among the first to create a game with it. The team still continued to join game jams to analyze their own skills, and surprisingly, the team consistently gets good placement. Soon, the Toejam & Earl social media was looking for a game developer. Chair did not hesitate with making a mockup, got the job, and continues to become a stronger developer for LAME.
This year is where the fighting spirit of LAME Dimension burns bright. It was observed that for one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, modded characters are allowed to be played. It was their opportunity to advertise in a funky way by creating their own character for tournaments. With this, the LAME community was all fired up to play fighting games with everyone. Not only that, but the Secksmen all united together again to represent their LAME characters for AnimEVO, with almost every member placing Top 8. The LAME lore was coming to life and it brought the community closer together.
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Prez was the original founder of LAME Dimension, who tackled any area of development, especially programming. He was the radiant light of being awesome and funny, just like LAME's vision.
Mr. Prez
Chair is the current leader of LAME Dimension. This loud idiot dabbles on almost all areas of the games, but focuses on programming. Wants to become a professional fighting game player and speedrunner.
Trist is one of the artist of LAME Dimension, handling various tasks from pixel art sprites to promotional art. Begged Chair to join LAME Dimension nonstop. Would prefer if you feed her pizza.
AYA is Chair's personal assistant that he created. Barely useful. All she does is post spam. Not considered by many as a LAME Dimension member, but to Chair, it's bring your sibling to work day everyday.
Maple handles the graphic design for LAME Dimension, creating UI elements for games and assets for events. He is also known as the househusband, feeding everyone delicious homemade meals.
Danny is the team's sprite artist, primarily making tilesets for maps. Improves at a insane pace. Cares for LAME Dimension so much that he would moderate Chair's crazy behaviors around the community.
Princess Sylvysprit is the team's primary composer. The team listens to her songs frequently. Was shocked by the team's crazy loud sounds and singlehandedly rescued their future in sound balancing.
Sonii is one of the programmers. Always went to the same college classes and staffed at the same events with Chair, and just naturally becoming a part of the team. Very powerful at rhythm games.
Chained started off as a rival of the LAME Dimension team in game jams, and soon becomes their own powerful sprite artist. Easily loved by all since Chained calls everyone cute and cool.
MSLabo is the Japanese localizer of LAME Dimension. He ensures that the team can communicate their silliness properly with the Japanese community, while teaching them about the language.
Chake helps in various areas from assisting in events to voicing many characters in games. Chake ensures that whenever a LAME Dimension event happens, it will always be a hype experience.
Flygon is the Spanish localizer of LAME Dimension. He was Chair's earliest followers on Twitch, when Chair only had an average of 2 viewers at a time. Now their smiles go beyond streams.
Alejandro was one of the designers and playtesters in LAME Dimension, shaping LAME's core silliness. If he stayed longer, the team would have jammed out with his new DJ skills. Plays fighting games with one hand.
Matt is Mr. Prez's cousin, acting as his assistant for various tasks, occassionally even directing games. With his excellence with working with others, he helps makes events successful today.
Arjae programmed for LAME Dimension, developing a few of his own games. He had an anime moment saying he would start Cool Monster Games to destroy LAME, but is still great friends with LAME today.
Chad was the primary playtester of old LAME Dimension, as well as the level designer. One of the LAME inside jokes was that he was the team's slave since he called Chair his master.
Chad DJ
Hayden was Mr. Prez's assistant when LAME Dimension was split into two different school groups. He was bold, always screaming out his passions that it fired up LAME Dimension with his bold ideas.
Jesson was one of the playtesters of LAME Dimension. His strange antics and mastery of window wiping has brought light to some iconic LAME Dimension catchphrases that are still being used today.
James was one of the programmers for LAME Dimension. For the short time he stayed, he made a huge impression with his insane games. He can look at any object and make a crazy game about it.
David is LAME Dimension's programmer and composer. Being in few classes with Chair in college, Chair seduced him by buying him FL Studio to compose for him, as programmer composers are cool.
Hoshi was one of the composers for LAME Dimension. Hoshi is not very confident of what she can do, not knowing that when she finishes something, it's actually breaking tier lists of legends.
Erik was a playtester exclusive for games developed by Mr. Prez. During his time experimenting around, there was so much awesomeness cycloning around that our pants almost exploded!
Mason was a member obtained by Mr. Prez whose role was uncertain, as Mr. Prez did not know what to have him do.
Izzy was our most powerful video editors. He can take simple images and basic gameplay footages and make them the hypest things ever with his amazing strats of effects and design.
Qwerty was one of the artists for LAME Dimension, creating sprites and cutscenes. Though he followed Chair's works since LAME's first years, he never spoke to Chair until a decade later.
Juqavies was one of the artists of LAME Dimension, focusing primarily of pixel tilesets. With his magical hands, he was able to adapt and destroy the lingering worries of the art department.
TJ Henry Yoshi
A member who assisted with the games for a short period of time. He knew a lot of cool things.